Getting Started with OPTT - Library

This page will help you get acquainted with OPTT terminology and workflow. You'll be up and running in no time!

Terminology and References:

1- Client: Clients are the end-users of the platform. They are patients who have reached out for mental health treatments from a Clinic and have been assigned to a Care Provider for the appropriate care.

2- Care Provider: Care Providers are the main users of the platform; mental health staff, who can be assigned to the program by Clinics or by other Care Providers, to provide care for the Clients.

3- Clinic: An organization representing a group of Care Providers that prescribe care and appropriate treatments to Clients. In this platform Care Providers are not bound to a single Clinic and
can change their Clinic on the go (ex. one Care Provider can work with multiple Clinics).

4- Institute: An Institute consists of a group of Clinics.

5- Session: A set period of time that a Care Provider defines for a specific Client to become the subject of a specific type of care which will be in the form of Assignments and written asynchronous communications. In this set period of time (normally one week), other Care Providers can also take part in giving care for that specific Client. Sessions can be assigned ahead of time to establish a clear schedule for both Clients and Care Providers.

6- Assignment: Assignments are tasks (in the form of homework) assigned to Clients by Care Providers.
These Assignments include surveys, educational modules, and tests that provide Care Providers with insights about the Clients’ mental health conditions and their progress over the period of the assigned Sessions.

7- Book: Books contain all the information about the questionnaires and files which are used in the Assignments.

8- Feedback: Feedback is Care Providers' assessment/opinion on a completed Assignment by the Client for each Session.

9- Comment: Clients can inquire for further insight through questions written to the Care Providers regarding the Feedback they receive after each Session; other Care Providers can also reply to Comments on the same thread.

10- Note: This is a quick reflection from a Care Provider on their Client’s performance during a Session.

11-1- Design Plan: A feature that allows the Care Provider to plan for the needed number of weeks to schedule Sessions and their Assignments to their Clients. Clinics can generate templates as a Design Plan for their Care Providers to assign to their Clients accordingly.

11-2-Week: Design Plans allocate units of homework to the number of weeks defined in the plan. Each Week has its own order which is indicated by the number of weeks on the Design Plan.

Workflow Summary:

The OPTT system consists of multiple Institutes that encompass multiple Clinics. Each Clinic has several Clients who are assigned to Care Providers to receive appropriate mental health care. There are three main steps for receiving asynchronous mental health care:

  • Care Providers schedule a Session for their Clients, where Clients receive the information about the Session, and all the Assignments and questionnaires associated with that Session that needs to be completed by them before their assigned deadline.

  • Once the Assignments are complete, Care Providers will receive a notification to review the completed Assignment and to provide their Feedback.

  • Clients will receive Feedback from their Care Provider along with the information about the newly scheduled Session to continue the mental health care process until they complete all the Sessions in their program.

During each Session, Clients and Care Providers can keep in touch through the messaging center inside each Session. There will be a communication panel available for Care providers to discuss their Client's progress under the "Discussion" section. Once a Client receives Feedback from their Care Provider, "Comment" ing on the Feedback will allow them to ask their questions about the Feedback they have received, which all the Care Providers will be able to respond to those questions/comments under the same tread.


Now read the following guides in order:

1- OPTT Architecture Overview

2- Errors

3- Authentication

4- What a "Session" is and how to create it.

5- How to assign a module to the client

6- How to provide feedback

The diagram below represents the steps of the mental health care process in the OPTT platform: